lördag 25 juni 2016

Horror Master John Carpenter visits UK (London, Manchester and Bristol) for Halloween event 2016

John Carpenter, master horror filmmaker and film music composer, will perform live a musical retrospective of his horror soundtrack work, including his debut studio album Lost Themes, and brand-new compositions. As all horror movie fans know, John Carpenter created the soundtracks for nearly all of his own films, e.g. Halloween, Escape From New York, Assault on Precinct 13, They Live, Vampires, The FogChristine, Prince of Darkness, or The Ward, his last film to date.

Among the many fine and memorable soundtracks that John Carpenter composed, my absolute favourite is the one for Prince of Darkness.

The UK events - four performances by John Carpenter in person - will take place in three cities:

Bristol: 23 Oct 2016; venue: Colston Hall
Manchester: 28 Oct & 29 Oct 2016; venue: The Albert Hall
London: 31 Oct 2016; venue: The Roxy

The John Carpenter musical retrospective tour is an extensive US and European tour. Other European cities on the tour are Copenhagen, Denmark; Barcelona, Spain; Neuchâtel, Switzerland; Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway; Turin, Italy; Rome, Italy; Malmö, Sweden; Dublin, Ireland; Vienna, Austria; Oberhausen, Germany, and Paris, France.  

For details, see the official John Carpenter website: