lördag 31 december 2016

MR. MANIAC - my new suspense novel

A novelist gets lost in the zone between fiction and reality when real murders of young women appear copied from his latest, still unfinished manuscript.

Title: Mr. Maniac
Release date: 28 June 2017
Publisher: Troubador
ISBN: 978-1788035323
e-ISBN: 978-1788031448

Someone is murdering female students at a university in northern England. Among the victims is a Swedish girl. Kenneth Sorin, a chemical physics doctor and horror suspense novelist, starts his own murky murder investigation with the help of his cat and his new mysterious girlfriend. The girlfriend turns out to be a spy and secret agent for SCDX, a shadowy international law enforcement organisation. Meanwhile, Kenneth receives strange telephone calls: an old lady who died ten years ago phones the author from her grave, encouraging him to look inside himself for the truth. 

The tracks lead Kenneth to the world of science and mysticism, including a meeting with a professor in Paris. He discovers bizarre elements in his own fiction writing. In addition, he happened to meet the Swedish girl twice: the same evening she was stabbed to death, and a year earlier, in connection with a trip to Sweden. Could he be the killer himself? Is the author a psychotic fictional character who stepped out of his own book?

Mr. Maniac is more than a straight translation of the original Swedish-language edition. It's a reworked story, 25% longer than the Swedish original, features several new scenes and plot points. It's therefore, in many ways, a different, richer book.